Burley Trailers

Burley Tail Wagon

Using the same technology as the Burley child trailers you can easily attach the Tail Wagon™ to your bike to ensure your furry family member is included on all your cycling adventures. The trailer features a flip-down tailgate for quick loading and a suspended, removable floor for easy cleaning. Roll-up cover with zippers and mesh windows for […]

Burley Nomad

A great two wheeled luggage trailer with a serious volume of carry capacity. The two wheels allow for bigger, wider and longer loads to be carried. Be it a Tuba or a full set of cricket gear the Nomad will hold it all.

Burley Travoy

This urban trailer system provides a convenient alternative to your car, shopping cart or messenger bag. Go from the street, to the store, to the office with a twist of the wrist. When it’s time to go indoors, you can take the urban trailer system with you. This product is lightweight, foldable and easy to carry.

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